Health Solidarity

SOCHARA has always seen its role as a participant, proactive facilitator, active networker initiating various programmes of its own but also actively providing solidarity with all groups, associations, networks, movements that are pro people and promoting Health for All.  In addition it has also participated in the governance, advisory committees, ethics committees of mainstream organizations and institutions with an objective to promote health for all perspectives in those institutions as well. We list out the key groups with which we have played this role in the past or are playing this role presently.

Organizations/networks – Civil Society

  • medico friend circle (Convener)
  • All India Drug Action Network (Founder member)
  • Drug Action Forum Karnataka (Founder members)
  • Asian Community Health Action Network (Resource person)
  • Voluntary Health Association of India (Chair Expert group: ICHI Institutional member)
  • Catholic Health Association of India (policy consultant and evaluation)
  • Christian Medical Association of India (Consultant Primary Health care)

Government Institutions (state/national)

  • National TB Institute, (NTI) Bengaluru* (Ethics Committee)
  • Regional Occupation Health Centre, (ROHC), National Institute of Occupational Health, Bengaluru* (Scientific Advisory Committee and Ethics Committee)
  • State Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Bengaluru  (Advisory Group)
  • Karrnataka State Health Systems Resource Centre, Bengaluru (Advisory Group)
  • National Health Systems Resource Centre, New Delhi (Governing Body)
  • CEHAT (Social Accountability Group)
  • INSA  (Governing Body)
  • Community Based Rehabilitation Forum (CBR Forum ) Bengaluru (Governing Body and Chair GB)
  • Basic Needs India (BNI) Bengaluru (Governing Body and Chair GB)
  • Foundation for Research in Community Health Pune. (Advisory Group)

Teaching Institutions

  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health science* (Consultant Medical Education, Research Advisory group)
  • Rajiv Gandhi Institute of  Public health* (Curriculum advisory committee)
  • Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Tradition  (Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine)* (advisory committee and Ethics Committee)
  • National institute of Epidemiology (Visiting faculty)
  • Public Health Foundation of India* (founding Governing Body)
  • PHFI Governance Hub (Advisory group)
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai* (Board of Studies)
  • National Institute of Advanced Studies.(Associate)
  • Institute of Health Management Research, IHMR Bangalore (Governing Body)
  • Institute of Public Health Bengaluru (Ethics Committee)


  • Global People’s Health Movement* ( Convener Secretariat; host of global secratriat; steering committee, international advisory committee)
  • International Peoples Health university (faculty)
  • Global Forum for Health research (Steering Gorup, STRATEC Committee)

Bulletins and Journals

  • medico friend circle bulletin (editor, editorial board)
  • Radical Journal of Health (Editorial Board)
  • Health Action (Editorial Board)
  • Christian Medical Journal of India - (CMJI) (Health Advocate Column)
  • British Medical Journal (International Advisory committee and specialty advisor public health, Patient rights group)