Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action

Educational Materials

Modules on Public Health management at District level

This project was developed by incorporating ideas, suggestions and contribution from an interactive participatory process of dialogue and consultation involving public health and multidisciplinary resource network drawn primarily from mainstream institutions and the civil society network in India.

A draft manual evolved covering concepts and values Roles, Skills and Challenges and an Integrated Paradigm for the Public Health Management at District level. It also elaborates on, making a district diagnosis; organizing a health management information system; evolving a district plan; organizing an epidemiological surveillance system; responding to an epidemic and managing an outbreak; managing health programmes; managing human resources; organizing materials management; monitoring and evaluation; leading and building a health team; promoting, communicating and advocating for health; promoting and sustaining community partnerships; and building and sustaining partnerships with the educational sector; civil society, private sector and promoting an inter-sectoral collaboration.