Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action

SOCHARA Silver Jubilee - A journey towards Health for All.

This year marks the silver jubilee (1991 to 2016: 25years) year of our evolution as a registered society while the Community Health Cell (CHC) started in 1984 and then SOCHARA was registered on 16th April, 1991.  At this point we would like to celebrate the Collective Health for ALL journey’s and community health journey’s that so many have participated in. We would also like to reflect on some of the challenges that face us and share experiences and thoughts in this regard to enlighten the future. Silver Jubilee celebration was held on 16th April 2016 @ Pope Paul VI Auditorium, St John’s Research Institute, Bengaluru with over 150 participants across India.

The silver Jubilee celebration began lively and informative kalajatha performance by a team from Karnataka Gyan Vigyan Samiti (KGVS), Kolar which demonstrated the importance of addressing issues such as waste through sanitation to reduce communicable diseases and many social songs on health promotion, health education and women issues wellin advance of previous day evening with in the Campus at Open auditorium. 

Next day morrning, the event was formely inaugrated with a special song  sung by fellows of the 12th batch of the Community Health Learning Programme (CHLP) and composed by fellow Mr. Smar of same batch. The presidential note was delivered online by president of SOCHARA Dr. Mohan Isaac, a senior community mental health expert along with wishing message from  vice president Dr.P.Chandra, retired professor of paediatrics and community based rehabilitation expert sent their felicitatory video messages to SOCHARA from Australia and United States. Followed by this a  honouring word of welcome to the founding members, pioneering team, society members, associates, friends, extended team members and the present team members was extended.

Present SOCHARA team members shared the SOCHARA’s community health and public health journey of the past 25 years through a ‘photo journey’ presentation. An important aspect of this was the felicitation of the doctor couple Thelma Narayan and Ravi Narayan who made the bold decision of walking out of the prestigious medical college career in search of health for people; after 6 years of study, action and reflection on community health through ‘Community Health Cell’ ( CHC) along with a few others led to SOCHARA towards ‘social justice’ later. Work being done by the Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh clusters were too part to the presentation. 

A mark of homage to the 14 society members, associate and fellows of CHC, SOCHARA was done by remembering their association. The next session was an open session for sharing of thoughts by the participants. Some of the senior society members present were requested to share their thoughts on their association with CHC-SOCHARA. Followed by this the other participants like partners,organisation heads, movement representatives, elected members, friends were requested to share their thoughts. 

After the sharing session, the video documentation-II of the CHLP was released by Vallisessan with SOCHARA generation succession – Anusha., present team member to member, fellow and community and then it was screened. Followed by this the administration and ministerial staff from the past to the present were acknowledged. Dr. Regi of the Tribal Heath Initiative was requested to distribute the fellowship certificate to the 12th batch fellows of CHLP. 

The celebaration day was concluded with Dr. Ravi's thanks giving to various fellow travellers in the community health journey.

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