Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action

Mainstreaming Alternate Paradigms: from Teaching To Learning Facilitation Workshop

Dates : 2nd & 3rd September 2016

Venue: St. John's National academy of health science, Annexe 3 Hall, Bengaluru



SCHEDULE:  Download Schedule

Day1 :      Friday, 2nd September 2016                    Time: 9.00 AM - 5.30 PM

Session 1: Introduction to SOCHARA and Community Health Learning Programme [CHLP]

Session 2: Is public health education in a learning mode?

                  Recognising the paradigm shift: from teaching to learning facilitation by Dr.Ravi Narayan

                  What makes public health education relevant in India? by Dr.Mohan Rao

Session 3: The CHLP framework - collective learning and human resource by SOCHARA-CHLP Team

Session 4: Rewiewing educational programme with specific focus on the CHLP phase three review by Dr.pruthvish & Dr.Shalini Nooyi

Session 5: CHLP content and context: learning by seeing and doing by SOCHARA-CHLP team

Session 6: CHLP and MP CHFP Participants voice - by CHLP Alumnus


Day2 :      Saturday, 3rd September 2016                    Time: 9.30 AM - 5.30 PM

Session 1: Group Work on Experiences of Learnings

Session 2: Pooling in what is different, inspiring and a stimulus for learning community health by Dr.Maya Mascarenhas

Session 3: Instruments for learning facilitation: A short journey through internet sites including SOCHARA website by Adithya and Suresh

Session 4: Open Sessoion on Lessons from other learning programmes by Dr. Himanshu (RGIPH), Dr. Rajanpatil (SRMC)

Session 5: Group work on NEXT STEPS

Session 6: Way Ahead together by Adithya & Ameer


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