Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action

SOCHARA Fellows (CHLP & CHFP) Alumni

Support to alumni is crucial for sustaining programmes in public health. The Fellowship programme has had more than 300 participants from different parts of India who are linked with SOCHARA even after their internship / fellowships. Over these years, SOCHARA has improved interaction and learning with our interns and alumni.

Alumni workshop is one of the spaces created for an ongoing linkage and providing support to the alumni. The alumni workshop is a space and opportunity for sharing the experiences of the fellows and to learn through collective reflection. The first alumni workshop was organised in 2008 as part of the 25th year Jubilee celebrations of CHC–SOCHARA. In 2009, the alumni met during the Training on Health and Equity by the International People’s Health University (IPHU). In 2010, alumni celebrated their annual gathering in Bengaluru to share their stories and experiences, challenges, perspectives they want to understand and debate. The recent alumni meeting was held at Bengaluru on December 2015

Fellows’ collective is an unregistered and independent body of community health fellows (MP-Alumni) of SOCHARA Madhya Pradesh which sees itself in the future as a resource group. The main focus of fellows’ collective is to emphasize on availability of quality, easily accessible and affordable health services as this will bring positive impacts in human development indices of our State. Fellow’s collective is a platform for community fellow’s of SOCHARA to facilitate the community health approach and is also committed in its efforts to work on issues related to community health across Madhya Pradesh. Those associated with the collective are free to express their views, and to support and work on issues of their interest.



1.  2008 - Alumni Meet report,  Photo Gallery

2.  2009 - Alumni  Meet report

2.  2010 - Alumni Meet report 

3.  2015 - Alumni meet report,  Photo Gallery


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