Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action

Community Health Fellowship Programme (CHFP), Bhopal

The Fellowship initiative for Madhya Pradesh

The fellowship programmes taken up by SOCHARA aims to promote health by supporting the learning, and building capacity of individuals in community health/public health. Apart from the academic courses offered by the medical colleges and universities, the role of civil society initiatives in public health through community based teachings and interaction are getting recognized. The underlying principle for the fellowship Initiative in Madhya Pradesh is the need to work towards development of core competencies in public health education.

The fellowship initiative in Madhya Pradesh (MP) was a part of the national workshop, which discussed the balance between indigenous public health knowledge and models of education adapted from abroad; promotion of technology oriented bio medical model of public health; public health professional catering to internal commercial market or export market and the class of students who can access the course based on self financing principles. With Intent to promote the social paradigm of health the workshop deliberated and defined how should the initiative in MP be positioned? Leading to the summing up of vision mission and goals and objectives for the fellowship scheme.

The Vision of CHFP : To develop a critical mass of vibrant, optimistic community health professionals who 

  • are people and person centric,
  • are well grounded in the public health realities of MP and India and in the principles and practice of public health & community health through experiential learning,
  • engage with and strengthen the public health system,
  • strengthen community processes and capacities, and
  • become community health practitioners.

Academic Framework

  • The selection was done through pre tested selection criteria used for Community Health Fellowship Scheme and Community Health Learning Programme.
  • Curriculum, educational and training design, assessment/evaluation processes were developed in the National workshop.
  • Certification and accreditation of the process is being taken up through the School of Public Health Equity and Action (SOPHEA) initiated by SOCHARA;
  • SOCHARA was also part of the National Group which defined the Public Health competency for the Indian context.


  • Framework of collaboration with field mentors and resource groups/academic institutions was initiated after the 1st national workshop, this effort is further consolidated through the mentors meeting and mentors training process as of the fellowship programme
  • Organizational Systems and Processes
  • The advisory group meets on an annual basis to accomplish the process of fellowship.

Resource Centre in Public Health (RCPH) - Linking the group of mentors to national and other groups was taken up during the 2nd national workshop on learning programme in community health/public health. The combination of vision and mission have directed the initiative towards achieving the goal of creating a group or critical mass of community health and public health practitioners, who work towards ‘better health and access to health care for the people and by the people’, as part of a transformation towards an inclusive society with peace, justice, health and well-being. The set objectives of the fellowship programme have become the objectives of the resource centre which facilitates the fellowship programme as a major activity.