Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action

SOCHARA Associates

A significant and invaluable support to SOCHARA over the 25 years has been the development of a network of linkages, partnerships and a web of interactions based on trust, respect and friendship.

The Society members currently include public health professionals, epidemiologists, mental health professionals, social scientists and social workers and professionals from the disciplines of nutrition, management, statistics, pharmacology, law and representatives working with various institutions and civil society organizations. In addition there are a large number of individuals whom we call as associates and who support us from time to time as resource persons in their areas of expertise or in solidarity with some initiative of SOCHARA. These associates have established very collegial relationships of solidarity with us over the years. This list also includes all team members who have moved on but continue to keep in touch with us and particiate in some of our activities. These have been grouped under extended team list shown seperately. We appreciate these circles of friendships-here and everywhere.

This term associate does not include those resource persons who are either formal current members of the society or members of one of the advisory committees including Academic and Research Council (ARC), and the Institutional Scientific and Ethics Committee (SISEC).

Extended Team:


List will be updated shortly