Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action

SILVER JUBILEE - 1991 to 2016

Grand wishes to all on behalf of The President Dr. Mohan Isaac, Members of the Society and Team Members,

This year marks the silver jubilee (1991 to 2016: 25years) year of our evolution as a registered society While the Community Health Cell (CHC) started in 1984 and then SOCHARA was registered on 16th April, 1991.  At this point we would like to celebrate the Collective Health for ALL journey’s and community health journey’s that so many have participated in. We would also like to reflect on some of the challenges that face us and share experiences and thoughts in this regard to enlightened the future.

We are glad to inform you that we are organising events in the southern, northern and north- eastern region of the country in view of SOCHARA’S silver jubilee year. We look forward to your joining us on this occasion and also watch out for many sharings from this 25 year old journey of SOCHARA Society in Archives.

On behalf of entire SOCHARA team we glad to invite to this occasion and make this memorable by your participation and support.



Silver Jubilee EVENTS

SOCHARA Silver Jubilee Celebration - A journey towards Health for All @ Bengaluru on Apr 16th, 2016..... Details

Sourther Regional Workshop @ Bengaluru on Apr 15 & 16, 2016 ..... Details

Northern Regional Workshop @ Bhopal on Apr 27 & 28, 2016 .... Details

Community health approach to sanitation in Madhya Pradesh Workshop @ Bhopal on July 23 & 24th,2016 .... Details

North-eastern regional Workshop @ Shillong on Aug 19 & 20th,2016 .... Details

Mainstreaming Alternate Paradigms: from Teaching To Learning Facilitation Workshop @ Bengaluru on 2nd & 3rd Sep 2016 .... Details

Mainstreaming Alternate: Community Health and Public Health Education Needs, Prospects and Challenges @ Bengaluru 4th & 5th Oct 2016... Details