Community Health Library and Information Centre (CLIC)

CLIC acts as SOCHARA‚Äôs knowledge wing helping to preserve its technical, cultural and literary heritage, as well as providing trusted reference services with knowledge and information as it continuously expands its collections and resources. The collection of resource materials on community health is available for use in the library.

Our Philosophy

The Community Health Library and Information Centre (CLIC) would like to help:

  • Health action initiators focus on social change processes rather than only on medical / health interventions
  • Focus on information for enabling and empowering people rather than just providing technical services
  • Support the movement of the Primary Health Care philosophy not only to the grassroots but also to secondary and tertiary levels of health care and also to policy makers
  • Reach key health information to health decision makers, academics, activists, researchers, journalists and the media, issue based movements and field projects of the government and voluntary sector and most of all to the general public to enhance their participation in health decision making
  • All users of the centre are therefore invited not to be passive clients of CLIC but be active participants to help us reach information to all concerned through creative communication processes