CHC Extension Unit (CEU), Chennai

Since 2004, the Community Health Cell extension unit (CEU), Chennai is involved in multiple activities seeking to achieve Health for All, and strengthening the public health system in Tamilnadu through working with communities, civil society organizations and government. In the last few years CEU is involved in building accountability of public health system to the people through building awareness among the people, facilitating people led action to strengthen the system, monitoring the health system and engaging with the government for people oriented policies through a project called ‘Community Action for Health in Tamilnadu’ (CAH)The team is currently engaged in strengthening its capacity in research and documentation.  In the year 2015, we celebrated our one decade of Community Health Journey on 4th February 2015 @ Balamandir German Hall, Chennai  with all our co-travellers from Tamilnadu.

Strengthening MNI and support to Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (JSA)

CEU is hosting the state level secretariat of Makkal Nalavazhvu Iyakkam (MNI) – Tamilnadu chapter of People’s Health Movement – through which it advocates along with other civil society organizations for important policy level changes from the peoples perspectives. Team members of CEU are part of the interim working group of the JSA. In the recent year members have been actively involved in the campaign towards Universal Health Care in India. Team members have been actively involved in the discussion within the medico friends circle as well as the current JSA campaign to, “Oppose Corporate Health Care and Strengthening the Public Health System”. Over the next year the team will support this campaign at the state level.

Research on the issues arising from Community Action for Health intervention

The CEU team is involved in community level awareness and action related to build accountability of the health system and on strengthening public health system. A detailed documentation and writing up of the Community Action process so far and research projects around the issues emerging from this experience are envisaged in the next years.

Training, Awareness and Technical Support to Civil Society Organizations (open ended catalyst)

CEU is working all over Tamilnadu and support MNI partners, Social movements and peoples organisation through providing technical support on community health and public health. The work includes strengthening the people led action to improve the health services in Tamilnadu and strengthening community participation in health and health care activities in order achieve health for all in Tamilnadu. CEU is also rendering technical support to the groups working in environmental health especially groups working in Kodaikanal and Mettur.

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