Vision / Mission


SOCHARA is an interdisciplinary resource group of community health professionals utilizing multiple pathways to facilitate and promote the goal of Health for All

  • It works through community action and partnerships, teaching and training initiatives, research, knowledge dissemination, policy advocacy and engagement with the public health system. 
  • It focuses on public health system development, action on the social determinants of health and community action for health with a social justice perspective.

Objectives of the Society:

  • To create awareness on the principles and practice of community health among all people involved and interested in health and related sectors.
  • To promote and support community health action through voluntary as well as governmental initiatives.
  • To undertake research in community health policy issues, including strategies in community health care, health personnel training, integration of  medical and health systems.
  • To evolve educational strategies that enhance the knowledge, skill and attitudes of persons involved in community health and development.
  • To dialogue and participate with health planners, decision-makers and implementers to enable the formulation and implementation of community oriented health policies.
  • To establish a library, documentation and interactive information centre in community health.

Source: SOCHARA Memorandum of Association 1991