Community Health Library & Resources

The Community Health Library and Information Centre (CLIC) provides a trusted, accessible and widely connected library and information services to various users. CLIC ensures that library users and information seekers have easy access to a rich array of relevant information and resources.

CLIC reaches out to all those who are interested in community health; students, academics, activists, service providers, researchers, trainers, issue raisers, and policy makers. The library continues to support, NGOs, civil society organisations, medical and nursing colleges, and activist professionals.

The Collection

The CLIC collection can be broadly classified into the following sub-groups of health related materials;

Books / Monographs / Booklets / Reports

The collection primarily includes health publications (See list of Subjects) of local/regional/national origin predominantly in English. We have used a modification of the VHAI (Voluntary Health Association of India) subject index code to classify them. Short annotated bibliographies of some of the key resources on important topics have been compiled and will be updated.

Sl. No.ItemsNumbers
2Journals & Newsletters62
3Audio/Video CDs520
5Slide Sets54
6Resource Files568

Use of the Library

CLIC has open access system to persons interested in community health issues. A facility for borrowing books and journals are available with permission from the member in-charge. The books / journals and other educational resource materials can be referred in the library between 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on weekdays (Monday – Friday).

The Website

SOCHARA website was started in 2000 and further improved around 2005 primarily as an informtaion dessimination to the global and an organizational archive. In year 2015 the website have been revamped with more features and additions of gadgets,social medias etc., Over the years it is being also evolved as media for a community health and public health e-learning centre. It is used as common space for sharing information, experience, thoughts of staff members, community health fellows and frinds of SOCHARA timeto time.