Community Based / Oriented Training Strategies

For any form of sustained community action there is always an important step of building local community capacities. SOCHARA Team members have from time to time evolved community based training programmes:  

To train local community based volunteers or workers in various themes related to the programme

  • Womens Health Empowerment Programme in Karnataka
  • Training of Local Masons in appropriate sanitation technology in Karnataka
  • Training local animators for Community monitoring Tamil Nadu

To train staff members of various community based NGO’s  in certain community health issues and programmatic  responses to those issues and challenges

  • Health for non health groups
  • Right to health orientation

To provide community based learning opportunities for fellows and students from multidisciplinary backgrounds and institutions

  • Community Health Learning programme in Karnataka
  • Community Health Fellowship Programme in Madhya Pradesh

Some of these training strategies have led to the evolution of Community oriented training manuals

  • Mahila Shakthi Sanghataneinda Avara Arogya Sudharane – Samudaya Mukhandarige Tarbe ti Kaipidi (Womens Health Empowerment Manual for Community leaders)
  • Health and human rights

In addition SOCHARA team members have participated in various training programmes of other NGO’s and Public health/community health training programmes of mainstream training institutions to facilitate community oriented learning courses and sessions.

  • Community Health/ preventive and social medicine training in inputs in AYUSH colleges
  • Health systems and Health policy Module in National institute of Epidemiology Chennai
  • Community Health Orientation, Globalization and health, Health and Human Rights inputs into Courses at Azim Premji University Dept. of Rural Development , St. Johns Medical College Dept. of Humanities
  • Short orientation on Community health for students visitors from Christ university, Bangalore University  Dept. of Social Work, TISS Mumbai, SRM Chennai, Medical Colleges in Karnataka

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