Mental Health

Mental health has been part of the SOCHARA’s thinking and actions with some eminent psychiatrists and other professionals contributing on the mental health aspects, as society members and consultants. The approach was to sensitize the community to the fact that people with mental illness need understanding and support rather than discrimination and punishment. An innovative mental health programme was conceived which could establish a network through which facilitators could learn from each other.

Mental Health has been integral part of our work since inception. Since then we contributed to workshops and training on mental health issues as consultants/ resource persons. SOCHARA has been part of Basic Needs India, trust who’s approach is to evolve appropriate intervention with participation of mentally ill person and their families.

We are also involved in the mental health policy group appointed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to prepare a National Mental Health Policy and Plan in 2011. Through this initiative efforts have been put together along with other members in the group to revise the District Mental Health Programme from 2012- 2017. On the eve of the world mental health day on 10 October, the Ministry of health and family welfare launched National Mental Health Policy which includes provisions for more institutions and trained professionals to tackle mental health.

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