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Kolar Comprehensive Primary Health Care Initiative

The Kolar Comprehensive Primary Health Care (KCPHC) Initiative is a current project implemented by SOCHARA to strengthen the role of  two Primary Health Centers (PHC), one in SrinivasapuraTaluka and another in Mulbagal Taluka in Kolar district of Karnataka state. Kolar faces many challenges, including low rainfall, no natural rivers, propensity for droughts, fluoride affected areas, under-developed border districts, poor government funding for public services and the presence of a large socially excluded population (highest Scheduled Caste population in Karnataka). Additionally, SOCHARA has a long history of working in Kolar district and hence, it was selected as the field area for this initiative. 

The objectives and planned activities of KCPHC Initiative are:



Planned  Activity


To improve the infrastructure facilities and system for service provision at two selected PHCs with specific focus on water & sanitation facilities and their maintenance (the IPHS standards to be used as a reference)

  1. Formation of people’s group (2 groups, one in each PHC)
  2. Improving drinking water and toilet facilities at PHC’s 


To improve utilization of services of these two PHCs

  1. Attend monthly meeting to have discussion on ‘communitisation’ for Gram Panchayat (local body) members, ASHAs ( accredited social health activists) and others.
  2. Establishing Herbal Garden and training relevant members
  3. Capacity building of ASHAs and ANMs (auxiliary nurse midwives or Junior Health Assistants) on water, sanitation and communitisation.


To create awareness on water and sanitation through media campaign

Create awareness on the need for improved hygiene and sanitation practice at individual and community level through Kalajaatas (street plays & songs).


SOCHARA Silver Jubilee     SOCHARA Silver Jubilee


Two PHCs were selected, Addagal in SrinivasapuraTaluk and Thaylur in MulbagalTaluk, based on the recommendations of SOCHARA network partners and the District Health Officer, Kolar. After securing permission from the State Director of Health Services, Department  of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Karnataka,  the project activities began in January 2016.

The following activities have been undertaken:

  1. Meeting with Medical Officers and PHC staff at Addagal and Tahylur PHCs and discussing their needs that can be addressed through the KCPHC initiative.   
  2. Connecting with Gram Panchayat (GP) members, ASHAs, SHGs and other people’s groups in the villages covered by the PHCs to create awareness about the initiative.
  3. Preparing a training programme on herbal gardening in collaboration with Foundation of Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT) of the Trans Disciplinary University, Bengaluru for community members and PHC staff. 
  4. Motivating GP members, ASHAs, ANMs and SHG (self help group)members to attend the training programme.
  5. Collaborating with FRLHT to establish herbal garden in each PHC and training PHC staff to maintain and use it.
  6. Co-ordinating Kalajaatas in 20 villages (10 villages per PHC) in collaboration with a cultural troupe consisting of local members of the Karnataka Jnana Vignana Samithi.   
  7. Kalajaatas in 20 villages in Srinivasapura and MulbagalTaluks: March 13th – March 22nd 2016
  8. Herbal Gardening Training at FRLHT campus: March 16th 2016
  9. Establishment of Herbal Gardens in Addagal and Thaylur PHCs: March 17th – March 22nd 2016
  10. Training programme on environment, sanitation and communitization for ASHAs, ANMs and SHGs: March 18th 2016
  11. Negotiation and finalisation of safe drinking water supply system at a government school

SOCHARA Silver Jubilee

The project has been completed by the end of March 2016. Processes continue with handing over the necessary responsibilities to the respective PHC staff and community members.  Reporting is almost done. Team reflections from this process of engagPlanned Activityement on 31stMarch 2016 led to the need for ongoing engagement in these areas.


SOCHARA Silver Jubilee



Implementation Team: Prahlad, Anusha, Rahul, Community Health Fellows Aruna and Anjaneya

Professional support and governance: Dr. Thelma Narayan, Mr. SJ Chander and Mr. As Mohammad

Admin and Logistics: Victor Fernandes, Mathew Alex, Joseph


SOCHARA Partners

Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT), Bengaluru and

Karnataka Jnana Vignana Samithi (KJVS) Kalajatha team, Kolar

Financial support by Quality Systems India Healthcare (corporate social responsibility (CSR) fund ), a Bengaluru-based software firm that develops and markets healthcare information systems that automate certain aspects of medical and dental practices.