Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action


SOCHARA brings out various newsletters at regular intervals to cater the needs of diverse users. We disseminate these newsletters to wide network of CBOs, NGO’s, academics, researchers, students and activist professionals.  

  1. Bi-annual newsletter "Dimentions" deals with activities of SOCHARA covers research initiatives, workshop reports, trainings and announcements.
  2. A occasional newsletters "Building blocks" relates the community health fellowship programmes of SOCHARA. The fellows narrate their experience and journey in community health with organizations in this newsletter during their learning phase.
  3. Fortnightly e-publication “Health Digest”, a collection of health related issues appearing in books, newspapers, journals and magazines.
  4. Mothly e-publication "Health Round-up" is to bring together all health–related news, views, policies and latest statistics from various publications to the notice of the reader with list of new arrivals in library.
  5. Mothly e-publication "E-SOCHARA" brings time to time hot news from SOCHARA staff members, fellows, associates, society members and friends widely on health and health rights towards Health for All.
  6. WASH project was initiaited in 2019 at Bengaluru and Chennai partnership with HCL Foundation to conduct COMMUNITY WASH activities. It covers 6000 students, 8000 Bengaluru urban dwellers, 24+19 schools and police boys and girls clubs altogether.


Health Digest


Health Round-up

Buidding Blocks