Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action

My Fellowship Journey

Bharti Sahu

There was a day which just took the best out of me in my life. That was the day I started my fellowship with SOCHARA. It's a beautiful experience when one sinks oneself in public health / community health with 19 other unknown people who don't belong to your community, your place, your culture but emerge with the same motto for the rest of their lives. One day they become your family.

Now I can feel that some humanity is there within me. I can relate myself with actual ground realities and also feel well grounded. This particular thought came from the fellowship only.  It is complementary to my career plan now. I have opted for a paradigm shift from the medical model to social model of health care. I was never like this before but it all started with my fellowship journey with SOCHARA. This has been a significant turning point in my life, after this I started reflecting about health of common people and their struggle in life to access to quality treatment with equity. I now have a passion to learn about many things which would help me widen my knowledge on many issues especially the struggle of people who are marginalised.

This fellowship widened my lens from the community perspective. I have also learned how to relate the aetiology of any disease to the social causes rather than just the medical causal factors.